How to Calculate Child Support in Las Vegas

In a divorce involving children, each parent is required to provide adequate financial means to care for the children until they reach the age of 18.  In Nevada, matters involving child support are governed by Chapter 125B,  and under this law there are set formulas to calculate child support.  Child support is one area of divorce law that is black and white and is rarely subjective.  

To calculate child support there are three main factors that must be known; 

  • Physical Custody Arrangement — There are two types of physcial custody; primary and joint.  Joint means the child(ren) reside with each parent at least 40% of the time.  Any other arrangement, whether written in an order or not, is considered primary custody.  In calculating child support for joint custody there will be an offset of each parents' income.  In primary custody the "non-primary" parent will pay child supportto the other parent.
  • Number of Children - The percentange of your income calculated for child support will depend on the number of children. See the chart below for explanation of %.
  • Gross Monthly Income — Gross income is before taxes.Gross income includes your salary, overtime, self-employment income.  If one of the parents is unemployed or "under employed" the court may impute an income to calculate child support.  If one of the parents owns a business  and doesn't receive a regular paycheck, the gross income will be yearly revenues minus reasonable business expenses. 

Making Child Support Calculations

In Primary Custody situations, the "non-primary" parent is generally required to pay the custodial parent a specified percentage of income based on the formula below. Depending on the number of children you have, support is a certain percentage of your gross monthly income. From one to four children this ranges from 18% to 31% with an additional 2% for each child after the fourth.  There is a presumptive monthly maximum (see chart below) that if the monthly child support calculation is greater than this maximum, then the amount will be reduced to maximum amount on the chart.

In Joint Custody arrangements, the formula is calculated for both parents and the parent with the higher income typically pays the difference.  For instance, if one parent is obligated to pay $600 per month using the custody calculation and the other parent is obligated to pay $250, then the parent with the greater obligation would subtract $250 from there monthly obligation and submit a payment for $350 each month.

There are exceptions to the standard calculations just explained.  For example, special needs children may require great financial support than these calculations allow and child support obligations may be modified by the judge for reimbursement of medical, health insurance premiums and other necessary expenses.  For more detailed information review our Child Support A to Z article.

Child Support Percentages

One Child ........18%

Two Children ...25%

Three Children..29%

Four Children....31%

An additional 2% for each child thereafter

Monthly Maximum Obligation by Income Range

$0 to $4,235 ................................$670

$4,235 to $6,351...........................$737

$6,351 to $8,467...........................$806

$8,467 to $10,585.........................$871

$10,585 to $12,701.......................$939

$12,701 to $14,816.......................$1,005

$14,816 to No Limit.......................$1,074

Child Support Calculator

Custody Type

Number of Children



Mother gross monthly income.


Father Gross Monthly Income


Support Results


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