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Many individuals, perhaps due to financial considerations or with thoughts of expediency, decide to start the divorce process  without seeking guidance from a Las Vegas divorce attorney. While the Clark County Family Court does allow a person to represent themselves, it is recommended for those who have children, those with property or assets to divide, or those have been married for seven year or more to review their legal matter with an attorney.

Divorce and custody can be a complex process. Representing yourself or using self-help services is a poor substitute for effective legal counsel and representation. Right Lawyers has a team of attorneys season in the all the areas of divorce;

By exploring each of these areas in greater depth, you are likely to gain a better understanding of their complexity. You will also discover how knowledgeable divorce lawyers in Las Vegas can work to ensure your rights are executed and protected.

Common Divorce Areas

Child Custody

Child Custody in Las Vegas is determined in accordance with Chapter 125A of the Nevada Revised Statutes. In essence, the Court decides to which degree each parent has a right to physical custody (where the children will physically reside) and legal custody (the responsibility each parent has for making decisions regarding the general health and well-being of the child). Without an experienced Las Vegas divorce attorney, you could be placing your custody rights in jeopardy.

Child Support

In Nevada, the amount of child support owed by each parent is determined by a somewhat complicated child child support formula based on factors such as the number of children and gross monthly income. However, changes in financial status or other mitigating factors can affect how support is calculated. Whether you must pay or are entitled to receive child support payments, a divorce lawyer can ensure payments are calculated properly.

Division of Property and Debt

Nevada is a community property state, generally meaning that upon divorce, spouses evenly divide property and debt acquired during the marriage while maintaining separate ownership of property and debt acquired prior to the marriage. While community property is divided equally in terms of monetary value, disputes often arise as to which spouse is entitled to specific properties and whether a property should be classified as community or separate in the first place. A Las Vegas divorce lawyer may be able to assist in keeping the property you desire and avoiding being burdened unfairly with debt.

Spousal Support

Alimony, or spousal support,  is left to the discretion of the Court.  A judge determines whether alimony is applicable and in what amount. While the judge will carefully weigh a variety of financial and other factors, it doesn’t guarantee the final decision will be fair and equitable. Individuals who choose to represent themselves during divorce proceedings instead of by a divorce lawyer may find they are required to pay more or receive less in alimony than they truly deserve.

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Stacy and her team are fantastic. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and empathy when working with their clients. I was in a tough position with family court in my custody battle when I switched firms and retained Right Lawyers. They methodically reviewed my case and aggressively went to battle for me. Stacy has a good relationship/rapport with the judges; they know her and trust her, this is apparent right away. Before my divorce, I had no idea that law firms were NOT the same. I recommend Right Lawyers to anyone needing help in the family courts.

- Francine G.

I used this law group to handle my divorce. My lawyer Keith Pickard was knowledgeable and aggressive making me feel well represented. I would recommend him and the right lawyers team!

- Mike D.

Divorce, especially when young children are involved, is usually an emotionally charged and complicated situation. I had several consultations prior to choosing Stacy Rocheleau as my representation. Stacy and staff were forthright and honest. They set the expectation for the good and the bad. Where other lawyers frightened me with the horrors of what could go wrong, Stacy was straightforward regarding what we were up against, but at the same time was reassuring by focusing on the things that were in our favor. I was encouraged to remain level headed and to not act upon emotion and reminded to always remember that my child's best interests were first and foremost. In my personal experience, I was most impressed by their philosophy of realistically choosing your battles. It showed integrity and a genuine consideration that at the end of the day money spent on the divorce is better spent on the child.

- Christina P.

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