The RIGHT Divorce Lawyer Makes a Difference

Do you find yourself in a position where your marriage is beyond repair, and reconciliation is not an option?  A divorce, or child custody case can be emotionally draining, may put an enormous strain on the family econcomics and can be full of legal uncertainty.

The assitance of a good divorce lawyer can make all the differnce between an easy “uncoupling” or a messy divorce.  The right family law attorney can provide emotional guidance, can offer strategic financial planning, and help you decipher the legal process.

For over a decade our law firm has been there to guide you through this legal process. We have helped thousands of clients with their divorces, family law matters, and child custody cases.  With attorney Stacy Rocheleau and her team of  Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers, you can be sure you have a ally in helping you achieve a favorable outcome to your divorce or child custody matter.

Most Asked Family Law & Divorce Questions

The following bullet points are the most asked divorce and family law questions.  These are the primary questions that we get asked each and every day.

Family Law & Divorce Questions

You will have dozens of questions; Who will stay in the home, will you be responsible for her car loan, how are assets divided, what is primary custody,  what is a typcial custody schedule, how is spousal support calculated, who will pay the attorney fees, and more.

Having tons of questions is normal and getting answers is part of the “uncoupling” process.  Our lawyers have the answers to these questions and you can find answers to many of your questions here on our website. Our website is full of articles, videos, and legal guides.

A good place to start is Top Divorce Questions where we answer the top questions asked by clients.  Or, download our Divorce & Child Custody Guide and learn more about the divorce process, become comfortable with the legal jargon, and start to get a idea of the legal issues the court will have control over.

Choosing the RIGHT Lawyer

Customer Approved. Our passion and expertise in divorce law and family law is evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients. We know you will be happy with RIGHT Lawyers, but don’t take our word for it.  Read our Family Law Attorney Reviews.

We Don’t Just Advocate, We Care. We believe a divorce attorney or family law attorney should be more than an aggressive litigator.  We also believe the best way to serve our clients, is to understand and care about thier situation.  With a law license comes a huge civic responsiblity to help others. It is because of this committment to our clients that RIGHT Lawyers has become the  attorney of choice for thousands of couples in Las Vegas.

No Two Cases Are Alike. At RIGHT Lawyers, we know each divorce or custody case presents a unique set of challenges. Stacy Rocheleau has extensive experience with all types of divorce cases and family law matters.  Her experience enables her to effectively handle any imaginable situation.

You Can’t Go Wrong With RIGHT Lawyers.  Don’t let a divorce or custody issue consume your life.  Talk with Stacy Rocheleau, who is an experienced Las Vegas Attorney , who is knowledgeable, and who cares about your situation. Hiring the RIGHT Lawyer can make all the difference.

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